1968 Ford Mustang Fastback GT vs Dodge Charger R / T


There are many questions about the car chase in Bullitt – regularly voted the greatest in the history of cinema, writes Nick Rufford. Why Dodge Charger, chased by Steve McQueen in a green Ford Mustang, losing six hubcaps? How is it that two speeding cars passed several times VW Beetle – San Francisco is so small, right?

But more intensely disputed claims, at least among fans of the car, a 1968 Ford Mustang that can really get a Dodge Charger.
McQueen may be a great driver – and certainly directors concluded that his character, Lt. Frank Bullitt – but only on paper Mustang seems smaller car. With 50bhp less than the charger and heavy engine, big block distortion handling car, he certainly would have gone worse in a duel.

In fact, rumor has it that to make the game closer, Hollywood engineer Max Balchowsky installed cameras in both races Ford Mustangs used in filming, milling heads and modify the ignition and carburetors.

In an attempt to resolve this issue once and for all, we located two classic cars owned by fans Bullitt – the Mustang belonging to Dave redhead and a Charger owned by Chris How – and takes them to Brands Hatch in Kent career. It was the closest you can get to meet one of the greatest puzzles of the film unanswered.

Until 1967 that the output manipulated Ford Mustang with a 390-cubic-inch (6388cc) V8 that gave the car real muscle. However, McQueen is a fan of Porsche and it could be a natural choice for Lt. Bullitt – – but film studio Warner Brothers had an agreement with Ford to supply cars.

Mustang is a rare piece of good classic design translated into metal. Designed for low-cost mass production, however mile is cooler than any other car in its day – and still is.
Parked outside cafe terrace Grand Premio, Mustang drew crowds who came for a day on the trail. People come to take pictures, run your hands through it and ask permission to sit inside and you have the old-fashioned deep-dish wheel. It was the kind of attention that would have flattered even exotic supercar.

Filming Bullitt, the film crew used two Mustangs; one was junked after another was bought by Warner Brothers employee who sold it. The new owner resisted all offers for him, including one of McQueen. At the end of his life the actor wants the car back. You can see why. Continue on Page 2

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