1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird at an Auction


Would you pay 500 000 dollars to get it?

This American masterpiece was built in 1974 according to the NASCAR rules. Two thousand pieces are sold worldwide, 58 of which had a four-speed by HEMI. This car is one of those. This amazing Plymouth Superbird was scarcely driven (300 miles) and is powered from a HEMI V8 engine. It is obvious that once this car is sold at the end of this month, the market will not be able to find a new one anytime soon.

Now let’s take a closer look at this Plymouth Superbird, which has been revived in 2002. It still contains the same old drive train and pistol grip shifter. The engine is still up to the task. The Superbird is one of the popular muscle cars and NASCAR vehicles. It is estimated that it will be sold for something between four hundred thousand dollars and five hundred thousand dollars at an auction on 21st November this year. The new one from the 1970 was purchased for 5503 dollars.1970-Plymouth-Road-Runner-1


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