2004 Ford F-350 Super Duty Harley Davidson Screamin Diesel


Check out what we present you right now and right here, this is a customized Ford F-350 from 2004, and it is called Super Duty Harley Davidson, this is diesel pickup truck!

It is intensely hot inside and outside and it is very engaging, but wait just another minute or two until you see this extraordinary work of this custom pickup truck and what it has to offer! It has something to do with the overnight boardinghouse hydrodynamics.

You don’t have an idea what we are talking about? Check out in this video and enjoy. This dump bed is very splendid for all of you and it is ideal for all thouse individuals who need to stack and empty the truck every now and then. Your work will be simplified and we realize that Ford Truck proprietors are the hardest to please and despite the fact that it looks more like a truck for some event or truck show, we realize this is an impeccable video for all of them.

This thing was purchased at the Barrett Jackson Auction Company in Las Vegas. Look at this feature underneath to see its dump bed in real life and tell us what do you think about this subject. Video was uploaded on wrxin17 Youtube channel and it has more than one hundred and thirty three thousand views so far.

Video lasts fifty four seconds, and more than one hundred and ninety people clicked like button. Only ten people clicked dislike button. We love this video so much, and we hope you are going to love it too.

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