$6 Million Dollar Pickup Truck – The Most Luxurious Pickup Truck Ever Built


If you wonder is this luxury pickup truck, and most luxurious than any other, answer would be – yes, definitely.

We have never seen anything like this pickup truck before, at least not in recent couple of months. What we are taking about is Ford F 750 pickup truck build to last and to cruise all around the word. It is ultimate world cruiser and this name fits it perfecrly, because this thing truly has all and everything that you require to go on a world tour on 4 wheels.

For a price of unbelievable six million dollars, this thing has a kitchen, living room and a lounge, bathroomand beds. It sounds great, right? Clearly it was custom manufactured yet something like this is absolutely gorgeous. Video was uploaded one and a half years ago, and it has more than three hundred thousand views so far, and we think it deserves more attention than average video.

CNN Money is the channel where you can watch and comment this most luxury pickup truck video, but it is simpler to watch it below and share your comments in comments section. We know that this price is a bit too expensive, but it is probably worth every penny for thouse who has enough money to buy it. It was made by Dunkel Industries and they probably has customers all over the world. But, many people agreed that this Ford F750 pickup truck does not have to cost that much. It is not so special at all, and interiour was made of regular materials.

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