ABT Sportsline Factory Inside


ABT Sportsline is famous for its refined upgrades designed for Audi vehicles which are result of profound research and development activity. The most important is its advance in the area of dynamometer or dyno tests which allow accurate measurements of very difficult to grasp physical characteristics of cars.

Hans-Juergen Abt, CEO of ABT Sportsline says that detailed tests are a way towards improved and longer lasting warranties. That kind of accuracy is only to be found with technical universities, engine developers or racing teams. The limits for the applications of these tests are 2200 kW and 3000 hp. Capacity of 90000 m3/h and speeds of 200 kph can be produced by the air blower.



All pertinent data can be captured by the sensory system of the new MAHA dyno which can be expanded by inclusion of additional modules. Because ABT Sportsline deals with a lot of Quattros, they made sure that it is 4WD compatible. Abt claims that the goal of ABT Sportsline is to equip the customers with everlasting products which reliability has been thoroughly tested on the dyno and road.


source: gtspirit

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