Allroad Shooting Brake Concept For 2015 Audi TT: Ultimate Uniqueness


Although it is facing some doubts considering the consumers group, Ulrich Hackenberg – Chief Engineer from Audi thinks that it will be a huge success. We are talking about 2015 Audi TT which is launched as a sports car and will feature crossover option. The small TT model will get equipped by Allroad Shooting Brake Concept and the result will be a masterpiece – according to BMW officials at least. It will be a true off-road animal.

For all of us who long to see what that mixture will be all about, X-Tomi Design has prepared some previews for us. Some find them inspiring while the majority thinks that there would not be enough interested people to make such endeavor successful. Hackenberg claims that TT is a car with large upgrade and update capacity and that Audi is interested in expanding its horizon. The size of TT is its most appealing feature and Audi officials claim that crossover TT will be very successful at the market today.



Source :xtomi


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