Amazing Dodge Muscle Drag Race – Challenger Vs Dodge Viper SRT


Viewing a feature of a genuine drag strip with head to head battle between two distinctive muscle cars that can really be portrayed as similar, or if nothing else really close cousins, as for this situation, is continually interesting for every car fan and it can be very engaging for each muscle auto fan.

Challenger Vs Dodge Viper SRT

What is more than that, as we have most likely said that couple of times previously, that is the reason that each time we run over such feature, which highlights that sort of a drag race and face off, we are demonstrating to it to you immediately. When the nature of the video is not that great at all, additionally like for this exact situation with the Dodge Challenger and the Dodge Viper, we present you video no matter what.

Also, with that, we do not mean to allude to the nature of this photo, yet to some other points that other than the typical insufficiency of data about the autos that we see on which we got used to, the point of the camera is not allowing us to see who is the champion, and there is truly no information about the times of both of the cars.

Be that as it may, for the purpose of the ultimate watching of two muscle cars, we like to present you the ’70 Dodge Challenger RT fighting on the strip against most recent models of the Dodge Viper SRT, we do not know from which year this model is, and we are willing to disregard those shortcomings. Check out this cool video and share it with your friends, and feel free to leave your comment below if you have something to express.

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