Beastly ’65 Ford Mustang is one of the most insane cars at Sema Show


This is beastly and awesome Ford Mustang from 1965, and this is definitely one of the most insane cars at Sema Show. It has over nine hundred and fifty horsepower and this is main reason why it is so popular.

This car was customized by Ringbrothers, company which employees know how to make good car. They decided to show what they did to all car fans out there, this is their latest work and it looks amazing. Ford Mustang from 1965 is also known as Espionage, and they improved its performance with several mechanical tune ups and new items.

Car has wider exterior than original car, it uses carbon fiber and it has monstrous motor under its hood. Engine has seven point zero liters, and supercharger set that can produce more than nine hundred and fifty horsepower. Disc brakes are fourteen inch wide and owners of this car are very proud.

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