This is biggest pickup truck in the world


This is the greatest pickup truck on the planet and you will not believe what has inside.

It has a house inside and many cool gadgets and items. In this article, you can meet the 1950 Dodge Power Wagon and it looks amazing. We are certain that you have never seen a major truck specifically like this one. It takes body from a 1950 Dodge Power Wagon, and it has one additional subtle element.

All aspects of this machine is fabricated to a size of stunning fifty times larger than the typical truck. Inside of it, you can see stunning things and many cool items. It has house components like rooms and other stuff. Watch this astounding Dodge Power Wagon imitation and share what you think about it with us about this creation.

Do you like this truck or do you prefer something else? Don’t forget to share this video with your friends, maybe you can buy it for New Year and live in it for a while, just to test it and to see what it looks like. Video was uploaded on fragiledog’s Youtube channel and it has more than seven hundred thousand views. More than eight hundred people clicked like button, and only twenty clicked dislike button.

We don’t understand why did they not like this. Video was uploaded in 2008, but it is still very popular and many people want to see this monster. Check out biggest pickup truck in the world, it has rooms inside and it would not be a problem to live inside it for years. Truck was build for rich guy, of course, nobody without money could buy this.

Look at it, just how huge it is and how much power it has, it is unbelievable.


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