Cadi Gasser Rolling Coal Swedish Style!


Diesel driven Cadillac

When you think about Swedish people and Sweden, your brain most likely makes pictures of Volvos, tasty meatballs, and fold level furniture, and most final thing you think about is wild custom drag vehicles.

This is 1949 Cadillac, and it may not win the prize for fast time and response, but rather a prize for diesel torque when it turns the tables on the minimal red Pontiac and it happened this year in Hagfors, right in the middle of Sweden. This Cadillac was trailing by two vehicles of the line.

Response times are for anxious individuals and it is not for faint hearted. At the point when this banner drops on this track for a drag strip, this muscle vehicle pulls an entire two vehicle lengths on the Cadillac before the diesel vehicle unleashes his landing area with full torque. Motoring down the track, with trailing a surge of dark like trunk, this Cadillac pulls around the muscle vehicle and exhibits the significance of torque.

cadiThis Cadillac gasser is pure perfection of both the excellent design, and stylish look of the 1940s while it gets back to its roots. By using a diesel force plant in the engine, its driver has made a drag vehicle to irritate the present state of affairs for noisy driving, and we cherish that.

This is really little Pontiac and it may be suited for depiction shows and it sparkles hope for all owners of small Cadillacs. It is so difficult to see the last results through all the smoke and there are no displays for this improvised presentation of its execution. Regardless of this, this video is awesome and you can see how David meets and wins against Goliath. And it happens in the Sweden. Next Page…

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