Check Out This Custom 12 Valve Cummins Diesel 4 Wheeler!


The principal goal of this crazy action was to take a working engine from pickup truck of ’98 Dodge Ram 2500 class and build a frame and chassis to go with it. The engine is diesel consuming and featuring 12 valves. It is of Cummins type. The author of this miraculous vehicle has thought a lot about implementation of Cummins engines and has proved once again that he is capable of placing them practically everywhere!

This amazing Banshee was recently presented at automotive event in Trementon, Utah, where it has succeeded to pull another truck from still stand. Applause was huge and rewarding. Beside the dark cloud of smoke and huge revving of the wheels, the diesel monster succeeds to pull a huge back-to-front empty truck. The total time that Jarod Hall needed to complete his project was two weeks. He is an auto shop owner from Plymouth, Utah.

Let’s just remind you that the truck which was previously using this engine was not killed in action, the only thing that Hall did was to reuse its last still working part – engine. The Cummanshee has a nice seat for the driver and weighs some 2000 lbs. We don’t know if it is for sale.

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