Check Out Cool 1979 Yamaha Beer Crate Racer


A man who manufactures small toys in his very own garage constructed this 1979 Yamaha racer, and it is also known as beer crate racer. This fellow likely cherishes brew as well, in light of the fact that he used Heineken lager box. The racer has eighty cc and is humming like there is no tomorrow.

This fellow required around four months to fabricate such an exceptional ride, and in the video underneath he is at last riding it around the area. This dude has numerous tractors which were build at his own home and this racer consummately fits in his great collection. We do not have much data about this thing, however suppose that the video is justified regardless of a thousand words. This is cool Heineken Beer Crate Racer and you can check it out right now!

Video was uploaded on Vinnetrow Build’s channel and it has more than ten thousand views so far. His garage is really great place because he has so many cool ideas and this is one of them. He is so proud of his little buddy, this 1979 Yamaha beer crate racer is something you will surely need at least once in a lifetime. It lasts a little bit longer than one minute and forty seconds. It has forty one likes and not a single dislike and this means this video rocks!

Video is short but sweet, if you like beer you will love this beer crate racer.

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