Compressed Air V8 Engine


It is stunning what you can do with your skills and knowledge about engines with some free time available.

This time, capacity of these components comes as a smaller than usual engine fueled by compacted air and it looks awesome. As indicated by the maker, this motor is demonstrated freely as a V8 motor and has eight barrels in a V arrangement. This thing is so tiny and cute!This is another model of compressed air V8 motor with 3/8″ x 7/16″ strokes.

The parts are produced using magnesium, bars and barrels are made of aluminum, and cylinders and shaft are made of steel. Rest is metal. Constructing small reproduction or V8 engine is not easy, and forms of full-scale motors are hard to copy. Compressed air V8 motors are kind of the scaled down motors, really unique and amazing at the same time. Look at this feature of the small engine in action.

Video was published three years ago on Chuck Fellows channel and this mastermind built this engine by himself. He even designed it by himself alone and this means he has so much knowledge about this subject. Sound of this engine is like a sound of a bird in the jungle, and this is the main reason he built in in the first place. There is not much horsepower in it, and this was not built to produce horsepower anyway, it is all about looks and for show purpose only. It operates at PSI range of 20 to 40 PSI. Valve tube is turning at half of a speed of crankshaft and it sounds like real vehicle engine.

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