Crazy Racing Simulator


This is some serious racing simulator and it looks very professional.

Wheel for steering can deliver sixteen newton meters of force if it is used all the way. This force is so high that it introduces liability questions. Simulator is called CXC Motion Pro II, and you can check out racing wheel of any sports car you want. Simulator is so powerful that a virtual crash could give you real injuries if you are not careful. Before you get too scared, you should know this racing simulator is almost certainly not for you. It is an absolutely piece of equipment and it carries price tag of 54,000 dollars.

Motion Pro II simulator comes with a number of real life tracks and it is scanned in with high accuracy. Tracks that you drive are using vibrating, forceful steering wheel and gear to change shifts, while staring at the three monitos of 1080 pixels and sixty degree screen. Some simulators try to mimic the feeling of being in a racing car by moving seat around, but the Motion Pro II takes a more than this approach.

According to Motion Pro II CXC Simulator and its research, the most effective way to fool your brain to think you are experiencing race at full speed, don’t emulate them in total, but instead focus on quick bursts of movement. Mechanisms are set to realistically perform race and seat belt movement, and vibrating too. The result is amazing, and if you are brave enough, try it

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