Custom Exhaust Tutorial – DIY at home


Modifying something on your vehicle can be a hard and complex activity, from the smallest adjustment on the surface to the biggest modifications inside your car, and it all expenses some amount of cash.

For the most part, one of the first home made customization car fans hope to learn do is a exhaust redesign, and this is not easy thing to do, but when you finish, this will give their vehicle a more solid sound. Here, we can see a young man who lives in Alabama, and he choose the most ideal approach to do this at home, he decided to make some wholes into his suppressor.

Presently the quantity of things that can turn out very badly with doing a customization like this, but look at this feature underneath and watch how he handled it. Don’t try this at home if you don’t have enough knowledge about this subject. If you need to do this, ask for someone who has a lot more experience. Share this video with your friends and ask them do they know something better. Feel free to share your opinion in comments area below.

Video was uploaded on Chase powers’ channel and it lasts more than three minutes. It has more than three hundred thousand views so far, but it has two hundred likes and more than one thousand dislikes, which showes that something is wrong with this video. Watch this feature and tell us what you think, why it has so many dislikes.

He drilled several holes into his muffler, and maybe this was very wrong thing to do. Someone joked that he needed to drill holes into his oildpan, but please don’t listen to this guy. There are all kinds of comments beneath the video, so please check them out too.

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