Are You Daring to Ride in This Jet Kart with Afterburner?

This jet kart is built and sorted by John Mills and Walter Turner. The leaf blower is used to get the turbine spinning. The propane is used as a starting fuel, it then runs on kerosene and when running on kerosene, you can hear the change in noise. The afterburner uses the oxygen left in the exhaust gas, and the kerosene is injected in just behind the turbine, a spark ignites the fuel. The afterburner consumes vast amounts of fuel, but it gives up to 40% more thrust. The meter on the steering wheel measures exhaust gas temperature that runs between 600/700 °C. At the end, the failure to ignite afterburner causes a smoke of vaporized kerosene. This thing has Honda 4 stroke engine powers oil and fuel pumps. The heart of the engine is a big diesel turbo and this one came from 16 liter earth mover.

Check out the video and enjoy!

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