Diesel Dave Takes Revenge On Gasser Who Makes The Mistake Of Parking And Leaving His Car In Front Of Diesel Pump


Do you know who Diesel Dave is? If you do, you are probably his fan. If you don’t, please do not make him angry because he is not friendly when he is angry.

First rule is – try not to make Diesel Dave furious and angry, because you will not like what you see when he’s iritated. This huge fella with beard despises drivers who park their cars and vehicles before diesel pumps and keeping him away from dieseling up his enormous Ram pickup truck.

Diesel Dave takes revenge big style and he is not joking around. In this feature he has at last come to his breaking point and tows a car edges right out from diesel pump and pulls his truck around to top off with diesel. Unfortunately, the feature does not demonstrate the driver coming back to the pump and this will be a moment where genuine fun lies.

Diesel Dave is a guy who loves two things – his truck and his beard. And he wants to make people scarred all the time. He wonders around his neighbourhood and he does some crazy things.

Because of this, many people don’t like him, but we think he is cool and original. His beard maybe looks fake, but his sense of humor is not fake at all. Watch this video and see how Diesel Dave takes revenge on other drivers.

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