Do Not Change Engine Oil Like This


This video shows you how you should not change an engine oil. If you really want to know how, here is a basic information about what you need, but it is better to leave this work to professionals. One of the foundations if you want to do this without anyone’s help at your home and to save money is that you must know it is a straightforward procedure that obliges few instruments.

You must get down and dirty, and more than anything, you must follow instructions for oil change from a person who knows how to do this properly. This is an incredible approach to unite with your vehicle and to take control over it. The time you spend with your engine and under the vehicle will give you a chance to glance around and to learn something new. Before going to the shop to purchase supplies, read the manual to re-check what you need to do.

This video was uploaded on Jfrancis722 channel and it lasts only one hundred seconds, but this is more than enough to see what you should not do, ever, if you want to change oil in your car. Video has only six thousand views, and we think that this is bad, because more people needs to see this feature and to learn how to change car properly.

What do you think about this video and this subject in general? Person in this video does not need a bucket for an oil, that’s for sure.

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