Don’t Drive Boat Like This

Amazing fail 2014 How not to drive boat

Every person with lot of money can buy and drive a boat.

But, are they capable to drive a boat properly or they can put many lives in danger if they want to show off? This guy was internet sensation a couple of months ago, but it is never enough to see this video once again. In this video, you will learn how not to drive a boat, and if you want to learn how to drive, go and seek advice how to do it from a person who really knows how to drive a boat, and not from this guy.

It is evident that this boat is very fast and driver did a terrible mistake. We hope they are all alright and they did not suffer injuries. We see a driver falling right on his nose, and these two girls in bikinis are tilting left and right. Sunglasses fell off their heads and it was very risky situation. We are not so sure if this guy had a licence to drive a speed boat, but he must reacted way better than this.

All passengers were flying all over the boat, and girl with purple bikini fell on driver’s back. That gotta hurt! Do you know who these people are? Are they okay now? We tried to find more information but we were unable to find their names and where are they today. Someone noticed that they had a lot of beers in the fridge, and this is probably a reason of this boat accident. Do not drink and drive, no matter if you on water or on a

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