Drag Strip 360 Degree Turn

Drag strip rules are: fast and straight. And the car from this video has followed that rule all the way until the finish line. At the start there are two 1969 Camaros waiting for the green light. The silver one starts with a wheelie and is ready for a good run. It wins.The blue Camaro is left back in the race and does not succeed to be the fastest. The problem starts when he starts to brake.He moves to the right, very close to the silver car and ends up in a 360 degrees turn. While sliding, the car remains contained in the central part of the lane, thus avoiding accident. That prevents turns, flips and rolling over. After a spin, it carries on, as if nothing happened apart from his wet pants and heart beating fast. To summarize: nobody got hurt and cars suffered absolutely no damage.

The only sign that something actually happened is that the tires got flat spotted.

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