Dragster Chopper by Artrix Motor Bike Expo


Folks, check out and take a look at this excellent new bikes at Artrix, an extraordinary astounding bike that will blow your mind.

This is one of the main highlights of the exposition, and there are white and green models with several shading options which makes it exceptional. Numerous times, it can be found on similar shows too, but you cannot see this monstrous bike with delightful wheels made by Rick’s, and circles and brake caliper by Discacciati Asso Special Rebuffini. You can see a bit of this expo in feature underneath.

Motor bike expo is one of the most popular shows dedicated to bikes and similar vehicles. If you did not visit this expo yet, you must check it out this year’s edition. There are lot cool bikes which you can check and watch in action, and this is great event for every bike fan out there. Kustom Adversor is a company dedicated to make custom bikes and they want to share their models with all of you. There are many cool ideas presented on this expo, and every year, people from all over the world comes to see this ultimate show.

This is custom show, and you can see this amazing dragster chopper which is presented at Artrix Motor bike expo. Video was uploaded on Kustom Advisor Youtube channel and it has only one thousand views so far, and we think it deserves more than that. It has five likes and zero dislikes.

There is nothing to be disliked here. Video was published four months ago and it depicts greatest motorcycles at Artrix motor bike expo show. Share this video with your friends and don’t forget to click like if you want. Don’t forget to add your comment too in comments area below.

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