Drifty And Jumpy Freightliner Semi Truck

This is for everybody who likes a bit of action in amazing vehicles. It is insane to the point when Gymkhana from Ken Block starts resembling Foundation for Safe and Responsible Motoring compared to this.

This video clip is here to make your day – or even a month! It starts with Mike Ryan, champion from Pikes Peak, who drives and drifts Freightliner semi, then it continues with an insane stuntman pulled by the semi, more drifts with Nissan 240SX Coupe, drive on two wheels of Ford Crown Victoria, two ramps and Smart Fortwo at Long Beach harbor. The clip can be considered a continuation of “Size Matters”.

This is a video clip devoted to honor high performance of a Freightliner semi. Not only does it drift – it can jump too! No wonder, since this amazing vehicle runs on engine from Detroit Diesel with turbo charging and super charging activated by methanol injection of Straight-Shot type. With that equipment performance is beyond superb!
Finally, this video was not that easy to shoot. If it was only for insurance company and Homeland Security there would not have been place for the jump!

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