Driver of semi truck crashed into police car


Have you ever crashed into police car? Police vehicles are not the best to collide with on the street, would they say they are?

This driver of a semi truck most likely discovered that directly after he did not see a red light and he experienced the smash and hit into Police auto. Majority of this happened in the state of Arkansas last year. If you want us to be precise, it happened seven months ago, in June. Police officer probably went wild and his car even lost a tire simultaneously.

Fortunately, this was a mishap without fatalities and major damage, but we are sure that driver of semi truck confronted some charges, but we are not sure what those charges are. Video was uploaded on Raw Leak channel six months ago, and it has more than three hundred thousand views so far. Video is really cool, and proof for this is that it has almost five hundred likes, and only forty five dislikes.

Check out the tire at the end of the video, it looks very funny. Many people felt that they were watching some cartoon on a television after this scene. Also, some guys hoped that there were no dogs at the back of police vehicle, and we didn’t find more info about this, but there were probably no dogs and no living person or animal were harmed here. Maybe there was a criminal behind, who knows? But police would make a statement about this. Supervisor was in police car and they usually drive vehicles alone.

What do you think about this situation? How much will they charge the driver of semi truck? Driving a semi truck is not easy, those drivers spend most of their time in the cabin. Cops drive alone and we can’t see that someone or something is located at the back of the car.

Traffic was not jammed, but we did not succeed to find a reason why driver did not see red light after all. Share this video with your friends and tell us what do you think about it. Check out how driver of semi truck crashed into police vehicle because he did not see red light. After fifteen seconds, you can see a guy when he find out that he made a mistake and he must pay for this mistake.

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