Dyno Tests Of SS/AAA 5.4L Cobra Jet Engine

Accufab Racing team is famous for expertise related to throttle bodies and components of racing engines such as big-tube headers and regulators of fuel pressure. They have also invested a lot into modular engine platforms from Ford.

John Mihovetz from Accufab is known for races in vehicles running on modular Ford components. He is an expert in that area. The engine presented here comes from a Cobra Jet owner taking part in NHRA Super Stock/AAA Eliminator. Super Stock engines have strict regulations about the parts and their dimensions. Combustion chambers, runner volumes and port sizes are all pre-determined and that does not leave much space for your imagination – according to Mihovetz.

CaptureHe claims that there is far more creativity involved in his work with his engines. And still, he has succeeded to do a miracle: after his treatment, the engine was delivering 1200 hp thus bringing the vehicle to low eight seconds. The weight of it was 3500 pounds.

Mihovetz is the core of the development in Accufab and one of two working with this type of engines. He was not only involved with projects related to Cobra Jet, but also works on engines from Ford GT and other products that Accufab deals with. The video and photos here bring to you some of the excitement related to dyno tests of 5.4-liters modular engine which is Whipple-super charged at Westech Performance.



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