Epic Tug Of War: Ford F350 Vs. Chevy Silverado 2500

Chevy vs. Ford

The tug of war is an ageless amazing technique for putting your car or vehicle under a magnifying glass to check if it is stronger and whether it is badder than the other dudes cars.

This time, the fight happens to be a Ford F350 Versus Chevy 2500 showdown and it is spectacular. In one corner, we have a 2003 Ford F350 including with seven point three liter Power Stroke and in the other part, there is a Chevrolet Silverado 2500 from 2005 controlled by Duramax diesel. The consequence of their little tug of war can be visible in the feature.

It resembled like Chevy 2500 was getting prepared to make a quick run, but something blocked it in the first place. Is there any car and  truck rivalry bigger than  Ford F350 Versus Chevy 2500? Ford and Chevrolet will be eternal enemies for life. We think so and this is a fact. Both trucks are build to last. Those with royal blood would never steer anything wearing a Bowtie, and the other way around. In this situation, it does amaze us both Ford and Chevy did an amazing job. All things considered, it is simply must watch tug of war.

Presently, we like Ford F350 Versus Chevy 2500 the most because this is adrenaline rush in all its glory. Look at it for yourself in this feature. Chevy owners gets…we will not going to tell you, just watch video and see it for yourself.continue-2-netcarzone.com

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