EQUUS BASS770: Unique New Mustang Fastback


This is a marvel of perfection: uniquely styled, original and sensational both in- and outside. It is even called collector’s piece. This unique EQUUS BASS770 is where tradition and modern times meet!

The frame and body are made of aluminum, leather dominates in interior and styling is both sporty and refined.
The 2014 EQUUS BASS770 runs on 6.2-liters V8 with supercharging delivering 638 hp. It accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. The price is 250,000$.

In order to equip the interior in best possible fashion hand-wrapping with leather was implemented. Stitching was done in metal color. The chosen materials and colors are tasteful and elegant. The decoration was planned and conducted by professionals. The choice of components was in the hands of designers, car specialists and deluxe craftsmen. The fruit of this serious collaboration is EQUUS BASS770 with stunning design and promising performance.

The goals which were achieved by 2014 EQUUS BASS770 are amazing power output and overwhelming sensuality. This is a modern era muscle car with touches of luxury. Not only does it develop nearly 640 hp, it also does not fail to produce feeling of freedom and ultimate comfort. To drive this machine is pure pleasure.



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