Ferrari Limo Is Here-Fastest Limousine in the World


Limo Ferrari is something new, and in this video, we are presenting the Ferrari Limo at its finest edition! This exceptional extravagance of this vehicle is in a first class edition and we could call it spectacular.

It components of front line headed by the stretched area in the middle, with incredible gauge, and do not pass up a great opportunity to see it, or if you want, to experience Ferrari limousine driving. This is something very strange for someone, but for others – attractive. This remarkable Ferrari stretch limousine will without a doubt twist your head on the street. We do not know if it is fastest limo on the planet, but we think driving in it can be very cool. Owner of this stunning vehicle spent more than £200,000 on the alterations and it has six seats and nine foot doors for eight people.

In the event that you thought to hire a limousine driver for some special event, here’s one driver who has extended the idea to the max. This elite Ferrari has been changed over into a limousine following six months of reproduction. This video was uploaded on kraftswerkmod channel and it has more than six million views so far. It was uploaded on May, 2010 and it became very popular. It probably handles like a bus, but if you like it, you can try it. It has a design of a roller coaster and many people agreed that this is a waste of perfect car.

We don’t know if owner of this car used this limo for racing, but it has racing seats in the front. What do you think about this Ferrari limo? Is this a waste of a Ferrari, or a perfect combination? Share your thoughts with us! Continue on Page 2
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