First Flight With Electric Multicopter in the World


This is world’s totally first flight with an multicopter and we all have a chance to watch it right now.

With the fast improvement in the transportation and vehicles, it leaves too much ideas to the brain in connection to info how will be go around in the future years to some. In the event that you heard something from inventors, you want to get an answer that has something to do with having our own air ship to cruise in the air around town. Today, we can go back two or three years to look at this electric multicopter with an electric power.

With the utilization of this type of motors, this airplane had the capacity to lift its pilot off of the ground for ninety seconds. Look at this awesome feature underneath and let us know what you think about this subject. Also, share it with your friends and ask them do they think it is so cool in any possible way? Last October, in Germany, Thomas Senkel finished this electric multicopter, flying it ten feet off the ground for one minute and a half.

Thomas Senkel is a physicist and paraglider pilot who helped to create an organization named E-volo, In this YouTube feature, we can see that this German specialist is remote-controlled hexacopter expert in real life. Multicopters are more steady and simpler to control than helicopters. Security is much better too. It has rotors, each of which has its own engine. Multicopters  could likewise be fitted with a parachute.

This company will assemble a multicopter with two seats by the spring.  Thomas Senkel turned into the first man to fly with this multicopter. The e-volo multicopter is a vehicle made of aluminum , an activity ball, and bunches of engines.

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