Ford Mustang Police Car Does HUGE Burnouts and Donuts on a City Street


It is not legal to do it on the streets, but we all love burnouts. So much that quite a few of the car shows that are held around the United States these days has a burnout contest. There is nothing so thrilling as the roar of the car’s engine running at wide-open throttle, with those tires burning and churning, and rolling off making clouds of white smoke.

A great burnout is an especially awesome sight when it is done by a car that we love, like the Mustang. But have you ever witnessed a Mustang

police car doing a series of donuts and burnouts on a city street? Well, in the following video here happens that.

Well, pretty close. The car that is doing a burnout here looks like a cop car, but it is not really. Whether it is the actual movie-car Ford Mustang police ride from the Transformers or it is a great replica built to look like it, it is still amazing to watch this Ford Mustang police car roast ‘em.

We don’t have any other information about this video, so now is the time to watch this great burnout. Enjoy!

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