Furious 7 Maximum Charger with 2000 HP!


This video rocks! This is amazing 2000 HP Furious 7 Maximum Charger and you can check out in this video! This video was uploaded on 1320 video’s Youtube channel and it has more than one and a half million views so far. What can you say about that?

Almost ten thousand people liked this video and this is ultimate proof why you should watch this feature right now, without hesitation. If you wanted to know something more about 1969 Charger from the lastest Furios 7 scene, Tom Nelson will tell you more about it. Tom is guy from Nelson Racing Engines and he said that this Charger has two thousand horsepower on eighteen inch wide tires.

Is this cool or what? You can also visit 1320 video’s Instagram and Twitter accounts for more interesting stuff. Turn the volume up before you watch this video, but don’t turn it up too loud, because your ears will be blown away! Too bad Vin Diesel is not behind its wheel like in the movie, but what can we do. We can wait for Furious 8 two years from now, maybe we will see something with this baby then.

This metal work is without a mistake, engine bay is symmetrical, and this is truly a work of art. You can skip talking part and go directly to the action stuff, just go to 2:17. There are more than two thousand working hours on this beast that makes it that powerful. Check out this feature to see 2000 HP Maximum Charger from Furious 7. Share this video with your friends, especially if they are fans of Fast and Furious franchise. There are so many scenes in this movie worth to watch, but this final scene is definitely most powerful. If you haven’t watch this scene by now, you should do it.

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