Gurkha MPV armored vehicle


If you are searching for something truly amazing and unique to drive, and the Humvee or AMG vehicles are simply not sufficiently enormous because you are big guy, we offer to check out this and to think twice before you buy it. Here is a vehicle that regular people could not purchase before, but it is available now.

Of course, you will not get weapons, obviously, and if you are in United States, but it is available for civilians. We are almost certain that you are not going to see two of in the market parking garage at any point in the near future. A Canadian organization known as Terradyne Armored Vehicles has been making awesome vehicles that would make driving very energizing.

If you did not know so far, they have just been accessible to force organizations, but the organization has chosen to start offering regular people to buy these models, and population can buy it. We are almost certain that if you want to drive Gurkha Rapid Patrol Vehicle, that different drivers would see you, as well as have a tendency to get out of your way. Just in the event that vehicles like AMG or Humvee are not sufficiently huge, this strategic vehicle is accessible in numerous setups.

Each of these arrangements is based on the Ford F 550 body chassis and it utilizes six point seven liters Powerstroke diesel engine with three hundred horsepower and six hundred and sixty pound-feet of torque. Vehicle has capacity to pull up some really impressive stuff, and if you like adrenaline you can go with your companions and do some crazy stuff.


This is nineteen thousand and five hundred pound truck accompanies a programmed transmission, it has plate brakes, and be sure that nothing will going to stick on your tires. Purchasing this truck gives you the best of the best.

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