Harley Davidson Rider Loses Cops on Wild Ride Through Wal-Mart


Is this a scene from some action movie? Oh no, it is real and it happened in Canada.

Canadian Police are still on the chase for this psycho on a bik, after he drove them on a very fast pursue inside a swarmed Wal Mart in the middle of a day. Thankfully, no spectators were harmed amid this pursue, which occurred in February, in Surrey.

Police reacting to reports of a neglectful biker who draw his Harley Davidson bike and with a result of pursue through highway traffic that was gotten on helicopter. The suspect, depicted by police as a white male in his forties, had the capacity to dodge police and even driving them to the highest point of a Wal Mart stopping area, then chopping down a lift and drive through stunned group of people before leaving and getting away very fast.

He was very fast and he lost biker at the end of the video, although this is not captured on cameras. Bike was probably stolen, and police have a job to identify biker and to find him before he does something similar again. Cops discovered the blue Harley Davidson which is probably stolen, deserted after this pursuit.

The suspect stays on the loose and we hope they will find him soon. We know that bikers are full of adrenaline rush, but this is so wrong.

He had luck, and he is probably good at bike riding, because he managed to evade all citizens who were on foot in the Wal Mart area, but he was wrong to do this in public. Continue on Page2

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