DodgeHellcat Challenger by Pennzoils is back and badder than ever


Recently, Pennzoil came back with its Hellcat Challenger to our radar. Airlift Drift commercial was very popular, but we all wanted to know prequel.

They included a brilliant yellow Dodge Challenger Hellcat and this vehicle was being driven sideways. It was so cool, right? But now, with its black top and powerful engine, it was lifted by four helicopters. Certainly, carrier part in this ad was CGI and it was made with a help of computer, however the driving was not, and this is amazing information. That was all done by Rhys Millen, awesome guy who lives in Cape Town, in the middle of South Africa.

Between his career and affection for cars, he showed us the sound of Hemi engine while it is being tossed around. Our focus was earned and we love this other ad too. Also, obviously, like you can see in this feature, it was not an one time bargain, and you can see why. Pennzoil made good job and they are spooling up for additional notice crusade after one year of time, and you can watch most recent vehicle model in this ad.

This is Hellcat advertisement and we were ready for that. Name of this video is Joyride, and this is a prequel of Airlift Drift. What does it mean? Hellcat and its amazing power. What do you think about this video? Video was uploaded on Pennzoil Youtube channel and it lasts more than two minutes. It has more the one million and seven hundred thousand views and it also has one thousand and two hundred and thirty likes so far, but more than fifty people clicked dislike button too.

This is very well done and they pushed boundaries like never before. Is this your dream car? Leave comment below if you want to share your opinion with us.

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