How To Home-Made 16 Cylinder Hot Rod

This is a story about two close friends: farmer Martin Quist and Detroit Diesel engines specialist and trucks expert Frans Van Tatenhove from the Netherlands who have decided to create a hot rod from scratch.

Their epic effort started one and a half year ago and is still in progress. Their creation will run on 78 inches long and 1136 cubic inches large 2-stroke 16V71 Detroit Diesel weighing 4800 pounds and delivering 875 hp at 2250 rmp which Frans calls 1934 Ford Big Hot Rod. The transmission is of Allison HT 750 DRD type taken from a European FTF truck.

The front and rear axles are from Scania, while steering and frame are from Ford 9000 Truck. The Scania’s rear axle’s splitter is made for burnouts. Disc brakes are also from Scania. Martin and Frans have made the front suspension themselves. Powertrain and rolling chassis were installed.

The roof was taken from Citroen Traction Avant but had to go through various adaptations, remodeling and sectioning. Martin has been working on the body alone: he built the front grille all by himself. In order to get some room for feet it was necessary to notch the frame and, luckily, there was enough space for that. They have also introduced the wheel base.

According to the two, the hot rod masterpiece will be finished in a year and a half. The photo gallery here is full of photos of the work in progress and we can’t wait for the final photos of this amazing and astonishingly large 16-cylinders baby coming to life.

Picture Gallery

Birth Of Attractive Home-made Hot Rod

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