Insane 24-Cylinder “Big Mike” Detroit Diesel Engine Delivering 3,000 hp


Who could stay calm by the look of 359 Peterbilt truck featuring 24 cylinders, 12 super chargers and 12-871 blowers and nitrous and Big Mike engine of V24-71 type delivering 3,000 hp? This is one of the largest semi engines in the world. The car has custom built chassis which is 40 feet long and transmission from Allison.

That is the thing with horsepower, first you want more, and then you want even more. That is the working policy of Mike Harrah from Caribou Industries Inc. (CA). As you can see in the video clip the Big Mike motor is steady and ready to roar.

The sound of it is absolutely amazing and the look follows the same trend. We understand that it is not easy to turn this 359 Peterbilt truck on the street, but there is something about it that would make up for any sort of inconvenience.

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