Man Almost Killed Because Of Lane Change


If you want to change your lane, it is not justified regardless of losing a life. A change of lane in Los Angeles is not worth of one man’s life. As one man attempted to do this into a lane from a middle lane, another driver declined to give him access and road rage happened. As this man attempted to change lanes in front of other second time, the driver at the end kicked his vehicle’s way. This brought on both drivers to jump out from their vehicles, starting a hard and fast battle with hands on the street and this could have turned dangerous. If at any point you required a feature that street fury is absolutely not a way to let negative energy go, let this e it. Stay quiet and drive safe. A witness caught this feature on a street including two men on road in California in a fist fight. The witness said he was going on Highland when two different drivers in Toyotas stopped in front of him. It was evident that they are angry.

This feature demonstrates Toyota Corolla driver while going through his window and punching Toyota Avalon. Both vehicles then were going forward a few feet before stopped once more. One men leave his vehicle and stroll toward another vehicle. Toyota Corolla driver starts swinging and thumping that other man to the ground while van drives past and misses him for an inch. Then he jumps on the other man, punching him more than once while he is laying on the ground. Then he comes back to his vehicle. In the mean time, the other driver stands up and reenters his vehicle. Feature is amazing and it looks like it is taken out from some action movie. Check it out for yourself.

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