Meet Krista Elyse: A Model and Mustang Drag Racer!

Krista Elyse A Model and Mustang Drag Racer

This is a woman with many talents: she poses on the sides of attractive cars, collects sponsors for drag races, takes part in drag races on the part of Mustang, hosts TV show and appears on the Pits Racing Radio, Heels on Wheels Radio and Performance Motorsports Network.

She is also a star of SEMA shows. Her favorite car is Mustang and she is lucky to be in the position to advertise it. She appears in magazines dedicated to Mustang and her latest appearance was on GTspirit. And it all started back in 2005, when she started taking part in promotional work for the tuner from New Jersey – her place of birth.

Krista Elyse has started as automotive model, but when she became an owner of one 2000 Ford Mustang GT she turned to racing as well. She has collected a lot of sponsors which contributed largely to her success: Cervini’s Auto Designs, Saleen Speedlab, Paxton Superchargers, Blow-By Racing and Hillbank Motorsports/Superformance. It all happened in 2007 and her work with tuning companies has helped her get a new car: 2010 Grabber Blue Mustang GT. She went later on for inclusion of super chargers with help from Paxton Superchargers.

Right now Krista is a part of racing and modeling team and her peers are Nicole Lyons and Jody Takagi. Besides that, she is a spokes model for Blow By Racing & JPC Racing and Performance Motorsports Network’s participant in NHRA racing.

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