This Knockout 1969 Mercury Cyclone Has Made The Trip Across The Pond And Has Found A Loving Owner In Norway!


What do you think, what happened to the majority of awesome vehicles in the world? We hear that question from a lot of you, especially if we did not see a car like this for a long time.

At one point, we asked ourselves when we saw Pontiac Catalina last time, and why we did not have a chance to see it? We don’t know. Some cool cars are on the junkyard, and some are sitting in a garage some place. Have you seen some car lately?

If you did, please share with us in comments below. Americans has so many big things and they forget about them. But, in different nations, that is not a general situation. Scandinavian region is well known for good cars, and we found this video as a proof.

This 1969 Mercury Cyclone is really cool and it looks stunning and it is a part of Alexander Brevik’s collection, and strangely, this is his driver, not his car at all. Alexander’s car have a tendency to be European Fords. He loves Ford Granada, Ford Scorpios and other similar models. Brevik is a man who likes to have good car and this is no secret.

He gets a chance to repair old vehicle, he likes to tune it, to fix small errors and this is extraordinary fulfillment when he finishes his job. Once in a while work on a vehicle can wear a person out. This Mercury was restored fifteen years ago, and it now looks like this. It is perfect and it is done with a style. Check out the video made in the middle of the Norwegian country.

It is made by Petrolicious film. What do you think? Check it out and enjoy, you will be amazed.

source: velocityjournal

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