Monster Truck Tug of War Chevrolet vs Ford Fight To The Bone


This special tug-of-war between two pickup trucks cannot get any better. First of all, it originates from the lifetime rivalry of Chevrolet and Ford and is epitome of all that is special about it. We know that pride will emerge once you are offered a product with Bowtie. Some may even consider it rude.

But let’s take a look at the presented video clip of this epic tug-of-war. Adam is driving a Ford, while Cooper is driving a Chevy. They are set one against the other within the greatest pulling sequel of all time. In order to further increase the excitement, let us mention that both trucks are dressed to kill.

Their modifications go well above the limits of the stock vehicles. Most of all, their suspensions were replaced in order to leave some extra space for the immense tires. The tug-of-war will help you judge which truck is welded together better…

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