Murder Nova Versus Krazykelly, Fire and Police


KrazyKelly versus Murder Nova is awesome race, but too bad that tri five Chevrolette catches fire. Eventually, police rolled up and you can see this event in feature beneath.

Regarding the matter of racing of any kind, police are about the last competitors that you might want to see as a part of it. You better believe it, they are simply doing their job, but all these guys were surprised when they saw it.

At the point when KrazyKelly was planning to line up his Chevy Belair with his eternal enemy Murder Nova, his engine area burst into flames before the race start! Look at this amazing feature beneath and see when cop goes by and checks out what happened. Fortunately for KrazyKelly, officer noticed that something is going on. Despite the fact that it appears that this is fake, cop had no jurisdiction over the situation. Out in California, everybody knows about Murder Nova and KrazyKelly.

This fight between the Murder Nova and Krazy Kelly was stopped, but we are sure they will meet up again. Both of these vehicles has amazing force and we can not wait for a rematch. Murder Nova is well respected street outlaw and he tested his ’57 Chevy against Krazy Kelly several times.

On a calm day, both drivers were lined up on a street. But, this fire ruined whole event and we don’t know what happened later. Both drivers continued their own way afterwards, and that is all we know. As one driver drove, smoke started to turn out from in the engine. Video is not new, this happened two years ago, but video is still very popular.

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