Muscle Monster Truck from Mopar


2014 Ram Heavy Duty was an inspiration for the production of Mopar Muscle monster truck, which was revealed this year.

Ram belongs to the Chrysler’s truck division, but Muscle monster truck belongs to the series of Monster Jam which was in a still stand for over ten years.The coworkers in the production of Muscle monster were Hall Brothers Racing.

The truck weighs 10 000 lbs (equivalent of 4536 kg) and runs on engine which is 565 cubic inches (equivalent of 9.3-liters)large, with the name Gen II 426 HEMI delivering 2000 bhp (equivalent of 1491 kW).

Ten feet tall masterpiece from Mopar, the Muscle monster truck, will be shown for the first time today at Ford Field in Detroit featuring Monster Jam.

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