Omega Concept by SBAY company


At the point when you have a desire for fabricating a custom cruiser, famous maker SBAY Motor Company has one for you, and you can only have it in your control, giving the rider a special feel.

The Omega concept is the organization’s most popular concept and it is unique, you must see this if you are true bike fan. They worked with Harley Davidson V-Rod Revolution motor and they used its gearbox, and at the end, they find out that bike has around 125 horsepower. Omega Concept can be seen at this motorcycle made by SBAY Company! They made other bikes too, and you can check them out on their official website, we guarantee you will not be indifferent.

The custom cruiser is held together by unique carbon fiber bodywork, and this is a bike that leaves aside all you know about bikes so far. The Omega concept has goal to think outside the box to stay unique and according to company’s standards , giving the rider amazing feel. To proceed with this feature, you must click play first. After a long improvement they presented to all of us Omega concept, Omega is a bike that will turn heads on the streets.


Harley Davidson V-Rod Revolution motor was wrapped in a special concept, and it has more than one hundred and eighty kilograms. It has V-Twin fluid engine with seventy six cubic inches with aluminum body and frames made of carbon fiber. It is planned and produced by SBAY Company, the edge is made out of two parts. Check it out on this page and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. If you are a bike fan, this would be perfect gift for you.

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