Ballistic Cycles Thirty Hubless Wheel, Twin Turbo Harley Bagger! This is Baddest Bagger in Sturgis 2014


This is 30″ hubless wheel, this is amazing twin turbo Harley Bagger! It is baddest bagger in Sturgis 2014, but not only in Sturgis, it is baddest in the whole wide world!

Video was uploaded on l3thal41 Youtube channel and it has more than three hundred and seventy thousand views so far. More than eight hundred people clicked like button, and forty people clicked dislike button. Check out this Ballistic Cycles 30″ Hubless Wheel, Twin Turbo Harley Bagger in action! Do you think this is cool or what? This is awesome bike, for sure! You can also press mute underneath the video, because you cannot hear a thing, only noise and this is kind of annoying. You probably cannot hear a thing because bike has automatic transmission, and there is no that cool sound when you change shifts. Do you know someone with similar bike? Some guys who left a comment have similar bike and they only have words of good faith about it.

Some people think that this tribal thing is too much, and maybe it would be better for bike to be one colored, but what can we do – nothing! Cats can pass through these wheels, and if you have a cat, this is a good thing. Check out this unbelievable video of Ballistic Cycles 30” Hubless Wheel, Twin Turbo Harley Bagger, we don’t know why are so much haters out there, because bike looks cool. Do you have similar taste in bikes or different one?