RC Helicopter Presented At Weston Park 2015


Genuinely this helicopter looked to us like a small and yellow mosquito, possibly the correlation is not so adequate yet we need to be more precise and accurate. At any rate this helicopter is not revolving around as yellow mosquito, but it is an excellent gem of designing and you can watch it in action right now.

No doubt, consistently we are astonished by the humans and their’s innovative ideas all around the globe, and if there is a chance that you recall that we depicted to you scaled Antonov A 225 and Buran, these two are astounding flying machines! Indeed, even the sound of the plane motors is another scaled, simply listen to this helicopter and how the plane began to make propellers to work speedier and sound of the plane is raised and soon he cleared out of the ground. Simply see how easily and carefully he goes of the ground like a pro, and we did not saw the individuals remaining near it and the feature was recorded from a pro and we would never come up with an idea that this is a scaled helicopter in the first place.

Check it out in this feature and let the adrenaline rush through your veins. This is some awesome helicopter and you can share this video with your friends if you like this video. At the end of the video, it nearly ended with disaster but it all ended well. It was a close one, but this guy acted like a pro. Do you think there is an exhaust system on this helicopter? We did not see one, but someone said it was on the right side of the helicopter.

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