Real Cars Vs RC Cars – Do you Have Something Like This?


You probably would not by any chance consider that car with remote control could be any kind of competition for real cars and vehicles, however this time, we take them both the track to check whether this is false or true statement. These gentlemen took their Traxxas R/C out on the track to see what it could do versus drag car in a race.

That is about where the small scale model of electric car gets in action! Look at the feature to see real cars versus RC cars at their best performances. Scale goes up against everything from a Chevrolet Camaro to a supercharged Cadillac CTS-V. The RC cars are shockingly well and you are about to witness ultimate battle. See it for yourself and enjoy this video. Both RC cars are using batteries, and there are awesome in this race.

Check this real cars vs. RC cars and race lenght is only 330’ mark because other drivers saw what is going on. Electronic power goes a long way today and these RC cars are pretty fast indeed. Traxxas R/C is 4×4 vehicle and it has some great features as you can see in this video. It has LiPo batteries and they provide high power and ultimate performance.

It can go on extreme terrain and it is designed with great suspension and sensors for better tracking. Chassis is made with low gravity performance and it showed high quality specifications. E-Revo is another amazing RC car with very powerful engine. You can see in this video that these RC cars have better acceleration than real cars.

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