Red Hot 1973 Dodge Challenger – Check this out


Check out this awesome red hot 1973 Dodge Challenger and enjoy!

This video was captured at Detroit Autorama 2014, and it is very popular. All things considered, this may not be really red in the true sense, but rather it is certainly hot as hell’s fire and amazingly great and very engaging.

This is fantastic Detroit muscle car, which can turn water to your mouth and to mouth of each enthusiast of the vintage Mopar models. As you know by now, we are discussing a Pro Touring example of a ’73 Dodge Challenger that was shot during last year`s Detroit Autorama and it looks amazing. Also, we need to say thanks to our great YouTube companion Scottie DTV, for having so much fun while seeing this marvelous sample of a Dodge Challenger!

Shockingly, one of the main shortcomings of Scottie`s recordings is the absence of motor specifications and crude numbers about the car performance and torque force, and a large portion of alternate things which huge numbers of us might want to find out and know.

On the other hand, on account of a portion of great shots in the video, we trust that he took care of his business, and if that is the situation, then this magnificent Pro Touring ’73 Dodge Challenger is controlled by a five hundred and twelve cubic inch V8 engine that can convey six hundred seventy five horsepower, and it is mated with Mopar`s cool Torqueflight Automatic A 727 transmission.

Be that as it may, you better look at this feature underneath and see this very engaging Dodge Challenger for yourself and discover what an extraordinary auto it is! Also, if you want to find out more about it, search the web.

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