Roush Made Ford Mustang with 850 HP

roush-5 (2)

Roush is famous company that makes custom cars from many manufacturers. This time, they presented Ford Mustang with eight hundred and fifty horsepower, and they did a great job.

Ford Mustang will make its first special appearance at Sema Show, and we can’t hardly wait. It has Track Pack set available, and goal of this pack is to produce eight hundred and fifty horsepower with five point zero liters engine.

Guys from Roush Performance did not tell us how they did it, but we assume they added seventy five millimeters supercharged pully and they also upgraded injectors for fuel.

Check out this amazing video and share it with your friends. If you like it, you can click like button. Video was uploaded on their official Youtube channel and it has more than one hundred thousand views so far. More than three hundred and thirty people clicked like button, and only seven people clicked dislike button so far.

What do you think of this car? Is this cool or what? Probably video will be more popular if we are able to hear sound of vehicle’s engine instead background music, but what can you do, maybe some other time.

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