Shocking: Lamborghini Transformed Into Mustang!


Sports cars are widely popular and quite expensive, so it is ridiculous to think that one may not be satisfied with them. This lucky owner of an exquisite Lamborghini needed something more than just Lambo.

The question is what you should change in order to convert one factory vehicle into a powerful statement. It is not enough to go simply for exchange of wheels or exhaust or better wrapping, you need something more than that. In this case Gallardo owner has remodeled his car until it looked like a Mustang.

It is very important to notice that the result was not destruction of one or two cars, the restyling went well. This means that the restyling was conducted with a lot of effort and skill until the transformation was almost complete. One of the main characteristics of the new car is superb performance.

The Lambo runs on AWD V10 from Italy. One may wonder why did the restyling go that way and not the other way round: why not put engine from Lamborghini into Mustang? Is its platform truly lacking content of internet quality? However, we must admit that the satisfaction of the car owner is on the first place and if he likes the transformed vehicle, he should have it his way.


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