Smokey 1964 GMC Pickup Truck Powered By Twin Turbo LS

It all started with Kaleb Kelley from Instagram page ClassicDaily who introduced us to FilteredImagePhotography’s Trevor Howard who did photo-shooting of 1964 GMC Pickup Truck and asked us to do a report on this very powerful, make-my-day, send-you-to-the-principal, and bully-in-school vehicle. It was built by Loren Sharrard accompanied by his son Brian who have handled multiple vehicles from GM already, but this one turned into great success.


Looking at this vehicle we get very curious about their other achievements. Their idea was to use a 6.0-liters LS engine to power the 1964 GMC pickup truck that they were making from the scratch. However, their family objected and made them use a 6.2-liters engine with turbo charging. The project became bigger and bigger day by day. The intention of the producers was to create a scary monster of the road.

The problem is that creation of Loren and Brian is everything but intimidating. Power source is supported by additional pair of 6.0-liters turbos from Borg Warner S-300 with 379 cubic-inches displacement. This is really far away from what was originally powering the 1964 GMC. According to the photographer Trevor, the engine delivers 1000 hp when checked at the dyno, but will be modified to produce 1200 hp.

The receiving part of this power output is rear end which is 9 inches large from Ford featuring 33-spline axles and 3.25 gears. There is third member from Strange Engineering with Detroit locker. Modifications of rear and front suspension are to thank for the great stance. The 1964 GMC pickup has air bags and height adjustment from Firestone. Total time of its production was one and a half year.


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