Soltador Cruiser by Hamann Motorsport!


Soltador Cruiser by Hamann

The reseller’s exchange master this time thinks of an awesome bike that is really exquisite and a genuine street scratcher.

This trendy cruiser is so cool and outfitted with a one hundred and sixty horsepower Harley Davidson Twin-Cam B nineteen hundred cc motor with awesome channels, valves and seats. This is Soltador Cruiser by Hamann Motorsport and you can check how it looks right now.

The motor is well adjusted to a six gear Harley Davidson and it has a gearbox that permits the bike to quicken very fast with time from zero to sixty two miles per hour in only three point three seconds. Its parts incorporate awesome Air Ride suspension framework, RS fork with a handlebar, and wide wave circle at the back of the bike, instrumentation is made by Motogadget, and there are so many cool features which can be seen in gallery below. We think this is one of the loveliest bikes on the planet.

Look at it and have some fun! Do you like bikes? What do you think about this one?


Is this cool bike or what? Share this pics with your friends and ask them if they like it. Soltador bike is one of the most beautiful bikes in the world, and it would be so cool to have one in your garage, right? We hope we will see several similar models in the future from other manufacturers.

Until then, you can see this Soltador bike and you can share it with your friends especially if they are bike fans.

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